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Here are some comments from our Customers,
and photos of work we've done for them

We're proud of the work we do, and we like making customers happy.
So we're honored to share their comments and
each of these has been used with the customer's permission.

Received the patches today, you can use the following statement as a testimonial if you like:
I employed Silver Brook Custom Patches to do a series of custom patches for our business. Not only were they pleasant to deal with, the product that they produced is of the most beautiful quality of any patch I have seen. The detail is amazing, and every patch is perfect. I supplied the picture of what I wanted and they did the rest. Thank you for a beautiful product.
Charissa Rubey
Dakota Micro, Inc.
Cayuga, ND

When Matt contacted us about making these beautiful 6" patches, one of his concerns was whether or not we could reproduce the mottled background effect in the red star. We think it turned out just great!

"John, I got the patches today, before the dance in Tulsa tomorrow, and WOW they look GREAT!! You far exceeded our expectations in everyway, I wish every business operated like yours does. Thanks a million and we will be ordering more soon! Thanks. Matt Wray"

We were greatly honored to be chosen to embroider the polo shirts worn by the Hall family members in celebration of Lee and Bob Hall's 50th anniversary!

Their son Mark wrote: "Here is a picture of the whole gang wearing your shirts. As you can tell, they were a big hit. Thanks again!"

From Joe "Red" Mulkern, U.S. Korean War Veteran:

"All the guys were thrilled with the patches. Thanks a million from the 1st Provisional DMZ Police Company, 1st Marine Division, Korea 1953/54/55. Semper Fi ...."

From Tom Rogers, Moto Guzzi Rider: "Received my cap and shirt today -- what can I say ... They're beautiful!! I still haven't taken the cap off my head!! I told the wife I'd only take it off for one thing ... Thanks to you both for a great job and fast service too! Now let me take another look at your web site for my next purchase ... Hmm ... How about that other t-shirt?"
From the fine fellows of the fabulous English band, Radiate (check them out at

"Just got the patches today and they are brilliant!! We love them! Thanx for making this so easy for us! We will definitely come back if we do patches again! Thanx, bless you."
H-D Road King rider Jim Daloisio of California really likes our Falcon sunglasses: "I commute 100 miles a day back and forth to Los Angeles and those Falcon sunglasses are the best I've come across for wind protection so far. They're not as good as goggles, but for sunglasses I haven't seen anything better. Thing is with goggles, you don't get much peripheral vision. When I'm in traffic on these freeways, I do a lot of glancing back over my shoulder. With a decent pair of sunglasses, shaded or clear, you can do it with a quick turn of the head; with goggles, you actually have to turn your upper body a bit. It takes longer and will sometimes cause the bike to veer a little. So I'm always on the lookout for eye protection that will cut most of the wind and allow me to see side to side without obstruction. The Falcons are the best I've found so far. Thanks again." (The photo is of John Z, modeling the Falcons with blue mirrored lenses.)

Hi John - I just wanted to let you know that everything went well. My husband loves the shirts/bags!! He was very surprised ... speechless to be exact. Here are some photos of him modeling one of the shirts and bags.


[ Hue surprised her husband with shirts and utility bags custom embroidered with his company logo, for his birthday ]

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to let you know I received my jacket today, and I am very pleased with it!

The jacket quality is everything you said it would be, and the embroidery is exquisite. You are to be congratulated on the quality of your work.

I can't wait to wear the jacket to our monthly Guzzi dinner next week!

Hoping to see you on the road,
Joel O'Rourke, Virginia

[ Joel purchased one of our Moto Guzzi National Owners Club embroidered jackets ]

From DeeDee Rice of the Girl Scouts of Hopkinton, New Hampshire -- the Scouts designed their very own embroidered patch (the bottom one on the young girl's vest) --

I cannot tell you how excited the older girls were when they saw "their" patches. They are SOOOOOO proud! You have done wonders for them.  Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job and for helping the girls to see their ideas put to such magnificent work.

And here's Bob Asaro's Customized Motorcycle Seat

Bob's leather bike seat was designed and built by Corbin. At his request, 
they left one leather backrest piece unattached so he could have it custom embroidered 
with a Valkyrie dragon before completion of the seat.

While searching on the Internet, Bob found our Customize A Bike Seat page and contacted us. He sketched the dragon himself, sent it to us, and John Z digitized the design (what's digitizing?) and sewed it out on scrap cloth. We sent a digital picture to Bob, he approved the design, and the specialized work of embroidering on leather began. The image was created with red UV-resistant thread, with a wicked white dragon eye (also UV-resistant to stand up to the sunlight).

After Corbin completed the backrest, using the embroidered piece, Bob posed with his beautiful Honda Valkyrie adorned with the elegant embroidered dragon. 
It's a very cool seat, and no one else in the world has another like it.

Thanks, Bob, for letting us help make your Valkyrie even more special than it already was.

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