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How Small Can The Lettering Be On My Patches?

The smallest letter that can be made using a satin or column stitch is about 1/8" 
(3.5 mm) in height. This is the smallest I would attempt. Your lettering will look a lot
 clearer if it is at least 3/16" (5 mm) in height. This size will give the lettering a good 
quality look and it will be legible from several feet away.

How Does My Logo Get From Paper To Being Embroidered?

Modern embroidery machines are computer controlled. They need a 
computer program (pattern) to direct them to produce the desired pattern. 
The process of creating this program is called DIGITIZING. It is a key 
component of good embroidery because, without a quality pattern, it is impossible to 
produce quality embroidery. Remember GIGO ("garbage in, garbage out")?

Does It Cost More To Use Seven Or Nine Colors Instead Of Three?

No. Unlike screen printing, the number of colors has no bearing on the cost. 
Screen printing requires burning a screen for each color, and each screen 
adds a step to the process. With embroidery the cost is determined by how 
long it takes to sew the pattern, which relates to the stitch count. Our embroidery 
machines can use up to nine colors on each pattern without an added charge. 

How Much Will It Cost To Have Embroidery Done?

The three pieces of information we need  in order to give you a quote are:
1) Size, 2) Stitch count (we can estimate this when we see your logo 
or design), and 3) Quantity. Additional backings required will also affect cost. 

Do You Have To See Our Pattern To Give A Quote?

Yes! That's the only way to give you an accurate quote. The cost is based on how
long the work takes because we're paid for our time, just like you.
Here are two examples:
a) A volleyball pattern, made up of 10,000 stitches and one color change, 
might take about 20 minutes to sew.
b) But a 10,000 stitch pattern with small block lettering which has a trim after each 
letter, or a 10,000 stitch multi-colored pattern of a cabin in the 
woods, could take 28 minutes plus 2-3 minutes to trim.

The difference in these two examples is the trimming and color changes 
required -- they slow the process. So it is best if we see your artwork, 
and then we'll give you an accurate quote!

And Now A Word About Copyrights

We can't reproduce a design without the copyright holder's permission, so if you hold the
copyright or have the copyright holder's permission, we can give you a quote.
By the same token, when you submit artwork to us, you imply that it is in full
compliance with trademark and copyright laws. When you purchase from us,
you hold us harmless for any and all claims that result from any item
produced for you, including attorney fees.

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