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As long-time motorcyclists, we've learned what works. Here are some of 
our favorite products -- we use them, and recommend them to you.

Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Motorcycling Accessories

Sunglasses - Uvex and Crews glasses are certified industrial protective eyewear and look awesome.
Pin Lockr - Never lose a pin again. These are easy to use and affordable.
Ear Plugs - Ear protection minimizes fatigue and helps saves your hearing too.
LED Flashlights - A great clip-on light; handy when digging around in your tankbag.

Gloves, Liners and Leather Oil

Men's Buckskin Gloves - Chamois-soft yet durable.   
Men's Buckskin Gauntlet Gloves - Keep the wind from going up your sleeves (brrrr).
Elk Skin Gloves - Thick, sturdy, and heavy-duty.
Polar Fleece "Camp Site" gloves
- Soft, breathable, deer skin palms for grip.
Fingerless Gloves - Pigskin stands up to water and softens beautifully when oiled.
Women's Gloves - Buckskin driving and gauntlet styles; attractive and practical too.
Kid's Gloves - Affordable suede gloves for little hands.
Glove Liners - Polyester and Thinsulate styles. 
Rain Over Gloves - Waterproof industrial nitrile gloves that keep your hands dry. Inexpensive too!
Leather Oil - Keep your leathers and gloves soft and supple. Cleans, strengthens, waterproofs, protects.



UVEX and CREWS  - Made in USA

Don't EVEN tell us you wear a pair of flea market glasses when you ride! These glasses are certified industrial protective eyewear and still look awesome.

Two of these styles feature ratchet temples for an adjustable lens angle, and adjustable 
temple length to ensure a proper and comfortable fit. And the poly-carbonate lenses block 99% UVB and 99% UVA.

Instead of wasting money on flea market specials, or spending big bucks on fad or fashion glasses, check these out. With the money you save, you can buy more motorcycling stuff.

These sunglasses have impact and UV protection, some are adjustable, and they're all great-looking. Check out the new ones that have a carrying bag and neck strap too. And at these prices, you can afford more than one pair.

Ignore the helmet hair, please.
These are rimless, retro-look sunglasses with black frame and either 1) blue mirrored lenses or 2) clear lenses that are great for night-time driving. They fit snug to the face at the bottom of the lenses. Ultradura coating gives improved scratch resistance. Ratcheting temples for individualized fit. These feel more like a pair of goggles. Comfortable!
Read what one of our customers (who has purchased 5 pairs) has to say about the Falcons at our Customer Kudos page.

A great-looking wrap-around style. They look way too nice to be safety glasses, but they are. Gold iridescent mirror finish with blue (shown) or black  frame. The nose piece is made of foam fingers for a comfortable, no-slip fit. Ratcheting temples. A ventilation channel between the frame and top of lens helps prevent fogging. Ultradura coated for scratch resistance. They don't fit as air-tight as the Falcons above but we still like them a lot.

Mvc-018s.jpg (37416 bytes)

A new wrap-around style, but with amber lenses. The amber shows on the outside only. From the inside, the lenses are awesome -- on one of those bright Minnesota afternoons when you can't stand to look at the brilliant white clouds, putting on a pair of these made that possible. We were impressed.

Another neat attribute to these glasses is that they come with a silky soft carrying case with drawstring cord and a neck cord. Hard to beat that.


Only thing remotely negative about the Crews glasses (described above)  is that the temples don't ratchet up and down as the other two pairs above do. But note the carrying case and neck cord pictured here. These glasses feel "spacious" and are impressively comfortable.

And here's a cool blue hard-plastic carrying case, lined with velour and with a heavy plastic clip for your belt or tank bag. It will protect any pair of the above sunglasses from getting squashed while stashed in your saddlebags, tankbag, or backpack.


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Pin Lockr - On a tour around Lake Superior, everyone in our group bought souvenir pins in Canada. A friend lost his before we completed the trip. Pin Lockrs prevent that ... after all, many of your pins can never be replaced.
Just slide the Pin Lockr over the pin's post. Trim or file post to length. Tighten the set screw. (They are smaller in both directions than the old style butterfly clasps.) On the right side of the photo, the old clasp is at top; Pin Lockr is at bottom. 10 in a pack; allen wrench included. Made in USA.  $6.50 per pack.

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Mvc-004s.jpg (37573 bytes)


Ear Plugs - If you've ever ridden for hours, we don't have to explain these little beauties. They eliminate one of the main causes of fatigue (wind noise), plus help save your hearing.

A caveat, however: ear plugs are illegal in some states, including Minnesota and California, apparently because lawmakers (who obviously don't ride) think ear plugs block out sound, making motorcyclists unable to hear sirens and horns. If you've worn them, however, you know ear plugs only deaden sound and reduce wind noise. We consider ear plugs protection, not a safety hazard, but we know of a California rider who was stopped and ticketed for both after-market pipes and ear plugs. You've been cautioned!

The un-corded Multi Max, at top of  this photo, is designed for different size ear canals. The yellow end is for small ears; the orange end is for medium and large. Corded plugs are easy to keep track of -- when you stop for gas, they hang from the cord around your neck, then you just insert 'em and take off again. No more trying to remember which pocket you put them in when you stopped.

Mvc-013s.jpg (40550 bytes)

 $0.50 per pair, or mix and match 5 pairs for $2.00

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LED Flashlight

This handy little light can be used as a zipper-pull or put on a key ring. It has a push-button switch and really comes in handy when you're digging into your saddlebag or tank bag at night. I have mine on a leather lanyard and use it to read my  non-illuminated thermometer while riding at night. Comes with two sets of batteries. LEDs use hardly any power so the batteries will last a long time. You'll be surprised how bright this flashlight is. Available in blue or white light. Imported.

Mvc-004s.jpg (38246 bytes)


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