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91 North Avenue - Post Office Box 56 - Carlton MN 55718  USA

Ordering Information
How To Order:
For security (and because we're old-fashioned) our website doesn't have a shopping cart or online ordering system.

 Instead, just send us an e-mail and let us know which products you're interested in.
You're welcome to call, too.

We'll e-mail you back with price, turnaround time, and confirmation that what you want is in stock.

When you're ready to order, just put your check or money order in the mail with a copy of the quoted e-mail or a note. We also accept payments through PayPal, email us for the address to send those payments to. PayPal is the only way we accept credit card payments.

When your payment is received, we'll send out your order and e-mail you the tracking number.

Simple! And - we like to think - good old-fashioned, personal, and friendly customer service.


Shipping Charges:
(for U.S. addresses only -- please contact us for shipping to other countries):

Minimum shipping charge is $7.50 -- please see * below

* To arrive at your total shipping cost, add up the individual shipping costs for the products you are ordering. Your total shipping will be the greater of that amount or the minimum shipping charge of $7.50.

Shipping For --

Leather gloves: $2.00 per pair.
Glove liners: $1.50 per pair.
Leather oil: $3.00 each.
Rain over-gloves: $1.50 per pair.
Sun glasses: $2.00 each.
Sweatshirts: $4.00 each.
Iris Sweatshirts (which are extra-heavy): $5.00 each.
T-shirts and caps: $1.50 each.
CO2 cartridges: $0.50 each.


Ear Plugs: $0.00 if ordered with other products; $2.00 if sold separately for 1-10 pairs.
Pin Lockrs: $0.00 if ordered with other products; $2.00 if sold separately for 1-5 packs.
Patches: $0.00 if ordered with other products; if sold separately, $3.00 for 1-3 large patches or 1-6 small patches.

How To Pay For Your Products:
Send a personal check, money order, or international money order (if you live outside the US) to:

Silver Brook Custom Embroidery and Patches
Post Office Box 56
Carlton, MN 55718  USA


Email us for the address to send your PayPal payment to.

Questions? Concerns? Call us at 218-390-4125 or e-mail
( It's always easier to reach us via e-mail )

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