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We're in Carlton, Minnesota USA ... making patches for folks all over the world! Est 1994.

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From big to small, we make them all!

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We've made embroidered patches for all sorts of users  -- for Girl and Boy Scout troops, church groups, motorcycle and scooter clubs and rallies,  universities, military and veterans groups, fire and police departments, race teams, sports fans, music groups, entrepreneurs, campground owners, and Native American reservations.

     - Quantities range from 50 to tens of thousands.
     - From simple designs to complex.
     - Single to multi-color.
     - With iron-on, peel and stick, velcro, Pellon, or no additional backing.
     - In regular, color-fast, or metallic thread.

Four factors contribute to the cost of a patch:
1 - quantity, 2 - embroidery coverage,
3 - size, 4 - backing

Quantity - Once the pattern is made and the machines are set up, the more patches you order, the cheaper they are. (By the way, we do not charge setup/art prep fees). The per-patch cost in an order of 200 is usually less than half that of an order for 50 (our minimum).

Embroidery Coverage - A twill patch (that's what we use for the background) that is 100% covered with stitches will cost more than a patch that's only 50% covered. The Chicago Captains patch utilizes the white twill as part of its design, for 75% coverage. The U.S. flag is 100% covered with embroidery. An average patch will have between 50 - 85 % coverage. 

Size - The larger the patch, the higher the cost.

Backing/options - Several different backings are available - heat seal (permanent), peel and stick (self adhesive), Velcro, and plastic backing (a light stiffening material). Please contact us for prices. Of course sew-on style patches can have no additional backing at all.

Other options for patches are button loops and grommets which can be attached.

Heat seal application directions for home use.

Go here to see samples of jacket back sized patches.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page and use the handy form to request a fast quotation

Directions for applying patches with 
a heat seal (iron-on) backing can be
found here.



One factor that does NOT affect the price is the number of colors used (up to 9, anyway). First, pick the color of the patch material, called the background. If your design has lots of sky or water, picking a blue background so all that blue won't have to be embroidered, will save you money. We can help you with this choice after we see your artwork.

The second color choice is the embroidered border, called the merrow. This color could match or contrast the background. The Summit patch makes good use of a contrasting merrow color.

Neither the background or merrow color are counted as one of the nine colors allowed. The Summit patch is a 1 color patch.

Additional colors (over 9) are available at an extra charge. Gold, silver and other color metallic threads are available at an additional charge, too. Also available are colorfast threads for patches that will be subjected to commercial laundering or lots of sunlight.

The butterfly patch is laser cut, a process used for unusual shapes. Laser cut patches do not have a merrowed edge, although a border is possible, as you can see. They are especially good for iron-on applications, as they lie flat and look almost like direct embroidery.


Just about any design you can come up with (and send us a .jpg for) can be turned into a patch.

The white flower patch is laser cut around the flower petals and stem on the outside edge. It utilizes the white twill background as part of the design, and gold metallic thread creates detail. Simple, but lovely.

Laser-cutting was utilized to cut around each letter of the Southernmost Ride patch. It gives a patch a lacey effect, although whatever this patch is ironed on will show through it.

The Baker patch has a loop sewn on. These are great for handing out on the first day of camp or a conference, when ironing or sewing aren't immediate options. Folks can loop them on a key chain, clip, button, necklace, or ID cord where they're handy for instant recognition or access to meals or special events. If desired, the loop can be removed and the patch sewn on permanently.

Can I apply "heat seal" patches myself?

Yes! At least the smaller patches can be done this way. Your iron should completely cover the patch. The best way to apply larger jacket back sized patches is to use a commercial heat press.

The heat seal is a very strong adhesive, and for most applications is considered permanent.

To heat seal your patches with a home iron, set it to 320 degrees Fahrenheit. If you do not have a very sturdy ironing board, use a folded terry cloth towel under the garment that you are putting the patch onto.

Put the patch in place and "seal" it with the iron. You have to apply about 15 pounds of pressure. Try to imagine a 10 pound bag of sugar, plus a 5 pound bag sitting on top of the iron.

Do not move the iron, hold it motionless on the patch.

Apply the 15 pounds of pressure to the patch for 15 seconds, then remove the iron.

At this point the adhesive is still liquid. It is very important not to move the garment until it has cooled.
You may even want to apply a light pressure to the patch while it cools. Let cool for a couple minutes.

Do not subject the patch and garment to any bending in the area of the patch for several more minutes to allow the adhesive to completely set.

Depending on the type of garment you apply the patch to, you may want to have it sewn after you heat apply it. If I was putting a patch on the back of my riding jacket, where I know it would be taking a beating, I would for sure want it sewn on. Of course you can always wait to do this until it starts to come loose.

The adhesive will not adhere to leather due to the oily surface. It will hold it in place in order to make it easier to sew it on though.

Always turn decorated garments inside out before laundering. 
Avoid bleach and detergents that contain bleach if at all possible.

If you have any other questions, please get a hold of us and ask them. Thank you.


Use this form to request a patch quote

Our minimum patch order is 50

NOTE: Without seeing your artwork or logo, we cannot give an accurate final quote.
Instead, we will estimate patch cost using the information you provide.
If you would like a firm quote, please email your artwork to us as a .jpg file.
There is no advantage to sending us a huge high resolution file. Remember, we are
viewing these files on computer displays.

Submission of artwork for a quotation implies that the artwork is submitted in full compliance with laws governing copyrights and trademarks etc., and that you hold the copyright or have permission from the copyright holder to reproduce it, and that
you hold Silver Brook Custom Embroidery harmless for any and all claims resulting from any trademark or copyright violation unknown to us.

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