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We're in Carlton, Minnesota USA ... but we make patches for folks all over the world!

Samples of Large Jacket Back Sized Patches

Hopefully these pictures will show you what type of detail can be reproduced on a patch, and help you make some decisions about your own patches. 

Here is a very nice 6" x 8"
100%, embroidered patch that
is laser cut. It has color fades
in the crown, flowers, and leaves.

Our laser cut process lets us make
your patch in any shape you want!

"We are always asked what size to make jacket back patches. My advice is to find the smallest person who will be wearing the patch. Make a cut out of the shape and size you are thinking about, and tape it in place on this person's garment.

Keep in mind you will lose some space on vests versus jackets due to the way the sleeves are cut out."

This "TURCK' patch measures 11" x 7". It is made as a traditional merrowed patch. It also utilizes the black twill as the background to save stitches.

Metallic silver thread was used for parts of the engine and letters, and for highlight on the eagle head.

"Heat seal backing will not adhere to most leather garments very well due to the oil. Best to plan on sewing these on."

Jacket back sized patches will benefit from either a plastic or heat seal backing. The added stiffness helps to prevent buckling after being sewn on the garment. 


Quantities from 50 to tens of thousands.
From simple designs to complex.
Single to multi-color.
Regular, color-fast, or metallic thread.
Iron-on backing, Pellon, or no additional backing.


Our normal delivery time is about 
2 1/2 weeks. Rush service is also available!


What factors make up the cost of the patch? Click here to find out.


Scroll down to the bottom of this page and use the handy form to request a fast quotation


This picture of some of the "TT Cruisers" from Trinidad shows a striking 1-color modern design on a rectangle shaped patch.

The POC patch is an example of a laser cut patch, even though it appears to have a merrowed border. Note the color blending from white to gold on the large letters. 

The detail on this patch is just awesome! There is no other way to describe it. You really need to see this one in person.

It measures 8" x 8", is merrowed, and sewn on a white reflective material. 


Ready for an adventure? See the next patch below.

Another awesome patch design!
Note the incredible detail of the orange background - it is a map of their destination. This is a 10"
merrowed patch made on black twill.

This lucky group of folks takes a motorcycle trip to the arctic circle. If you think you are up for that, get in touch with them.



Use this form to request a patch quote

Our minimum patch order is 50

NOTE: Without seeing your artwork or logo, we cannot give an accurate final quote.
Instead, we will estimate patch cost using the information you provide.
If you would like a firm quote, please email your artwork to us as a .jpg file.

Submission of artwork for a quotation implies that the artwork is submitted in full compliance with laws governing copyright, trademark, etc.
and implies that you hold the copyright or have permission from the copyright holder to reproduce it, and that
you hold Silver Brook Custom Embroidery harmless for any and all claims resulting from any trademark or copyright violation unknown to us.

Your e-mail address -- please include the entire address, including the part, because
this form won't pick up your address automatically, as we respect your privacy):

Size of patch (width and height):        Shape:       Quantity:

Heat Seal (Iron-On) Backing:           More than nine thread colors:           Metallic thread:


Questions? Concerns? Ready to order?
E-mail:, or call us at 218-390-4125 (Central Time Zone) 

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