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Dynamic (Not Static) Maintenance

Boredom spells death to a website.

Your customers will check back to see what's new, and if they
don't find anything ... well, they may not come back.

Your site must stay fresh and constantly provide new information.

Use your website like a combination newspaper ad, radio spot, press
release, giant business card, networking meeting, and electronic

You would never think of running the same ad in the local paper week after week.

Add a new product? Promote an employee? Want to advertise a sale?
Display a photo of a product? Make your customers smile?

Tell us what you want your customers to see, and we'll take care of it.

And we make changes FAST. Need to fix just one word? Make a headline change? Decide you don't like the background color? E-mail or call us, and we'll take care of it.

Webs And Words has two plans for Dynamic Maintenance:

Basic Maintenance Plan: for minimal and occasional changes, pay-as-you-go, $35.00/hour. We bill only for the actual time we spend working on your site. One hour may cover several changes, made at several different times.

Monthly Maintenance Plan: for regular and frequent changes (up to 3
hours), pay by the month, $70.00/month.

And if you decide to grow into e-commerce -- with shopping carts and
secure credit card orders -- we can do that for you too. Please call or
e-mail us for a quotation for these services.

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